day eleven;

this day is to tell about my siblings, but this one is a hard one for me, because, i don't live with them anymore, so, some of this may be just made up, or observations. but i will try, because, i can't skip this. (if my siblings are reading, don't be offended if i say something wrong)
my siblings go as follows:


this is my oldest brother. i have no idea how old he is, so i am going to guess at 23. he is a daddy, as you can see, to my beautiful niece Ivy Dawn. Colton is so funny and always has something funny to say or an opinion to share. i could just sit in silence with him and we'd be okay. i love him.


this is my (favorite) brother. psych. well, he is the one i talk to the most. i love love love chatting with him. he is always cracking a joke or saying something i'd never have even thought about. we share one common interest, and that is, boys. yes, my brother is gay, but that's okay, because we can rate boys together. he indeed is a funny one. i love him.


this is my only married sibling. and this is his lovely wife Jessie. (p.s.- they are going to have a baby) Seth has the mouth of a sailor, but he is just so cute you can't help but laugh it off. he is also super funny, i always know that when i am with him we are due to have a good time. he is also the sweetest guy you will ever meet and will tell you all the time how much he loves you. and i love him.


this is my psycho sister Amanda, she's not really psycho like crazy, but she is psycho funny. and wild. she is also basically so pretty, she comes to visit me and it's like we've always been together. i love talking to Amanda, she is a real peach and i love her.


okay, so i couldnt find just one picture of her, but she is the farthest one on the left in the front. now, this girl is my little sister Annie. and i need to protect her from all bad things, well i can at least try. she is so social and is always chatting up a storm with some boy, and i can't allow this. HA. psych. she is a riot too. and i love her.

so yes.
these are my siblings.
i am 4th in line, right before Annie.
and i love all my siblings just the same, even if i don't live with them
they are the best.

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