There are many things for which a person might wish for. Good health, love, no family problems, money, happiness...the standard things. But the things I wish for are a bit different. Yes, I sure do wish for those things. But here is my list of things I wish or more than anything:

1. The ability to be invisible and listen to other peoples conversations.
2. Being able to fly.
3. To have my own talk show.
4. To write my own book...or two...or three
5. Be in a movie.
6. Be able to write as amazingly as Megan Abel.
7. Finish high school already.
8. Go to Juilliard.
9. Major in classical performing.
10. Go skydiving.
11. Actually have blog followers.
12. Be able to beat someone up, but not really.

That's all I can really think of. I thought I had tons more. But I guess not. WAIT-- no. I got some more.

13. Make a world record.
14. Fly a plane upside down.
15. Go crocodile hunting.
16. Be able to do the gallon challenge.

That's just about it. Yeah. My life is boring. I just sit around and wish for things. Wow. Nothing good goes for this.
The end.

Bad day.

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Meg said...

we all wish to write like Meg Abel. it's fine. i love your blog!