people i need to know.

alrighty, so lately, i've been stalking some people. sounds so creepy. but no, it's real. and i decided to come out and say, I LOVE STALKING PEOPLE. if it were to be a sport, i'd probably go gold. and in fact, i facebook stalk most people around the Utah County. now, i know that sounds impossible, but i really do stalk a lot of people. and i am very very very impressed by some people. that i just want to share with you. some i already know, but want to know better, and some don't even know i exist. oh well. but these people, they are quite the party.

first off, Kelsey Waters. oh dear, she is quite a lovely girl. i enjoy seeing her, and i've never even chatted with her before in my life. no im not a creep, she is just such a cute girl. one day, we will be friends, because, she is prime.

second, Johanna Donaldson. this chick, oh dear. we are meant to be friends. i love her, and guess what? i don't even really know her. it's funny how things work out like that. i know i can always see her when i go to be me some food where she works, Zupa's. and it's nice, so is she.

third, Clari Gann. i am sooo impressed by this girl. very much. i can just see her and feel her happiness like shining around, she is such a cutieeee, in a non-creepy way. she is quite a delight.

fourth, Melia Clegg, now, we are already friends, but i am continually impressed by this girl. she is such an example. she has a heart of gold, very cheesy, but true. i love seeing her in the halls, and i know that i can always trust in her for anything, including a good laugh.

fifth, Ammon Packer, we definitely do NOT know each other, but this kid, i can tell, we will be friends. he is so funny, i watch him and just laugh, that too sounds creepy, but i promise it's not. today he was just walking around with a pizza box, it made me laugh. he is a funny kid from what i see. cheers to this boy.

sixth, Mandi Call. oh where to start. we say hello to each other lots. she is such a cute woman. i indeed like her. sometimes when i go to foods class, i see her name written around, and it makes me smile. she is definitely a different child, but in a good way, i love it. she is a doll.

seventh, Sadie Swenson, aaaaaah. so funny. we've chatted a few times. and i indeed already do love her. such a talented, sweet and funny girl, i love seeing her around. what a charmer.

eighth, Brittany Cherry. she is a doll face. we had a class together last year and i loved listening to her, she is such a nice girl and is so talented that i can't even stand it. i defiantly can see us being friends, ha, i hope.

ninth, YOU. whoever you are that is reading. i indeed like you too. im sure you have some fantastic qualities, and p.s. i want to get to know you. so lets be friends. im serious. hallelujah.

i cant really think right now. because im brain dead. but there were so many more. thats the worst, i wait to write, because i have so much to say, then i forget. but still, i love these people. I LOVE YOU. i want you all to know that. because, we are all worth loving. every single one of us. love is not meant to kept to yourself. that's so selfish. love is the best thing in the world. i can save us from anything. because lets face it, no matter how bleak things may seem, if we have love in our lives, things are so much better. really. and i want you to all know, that, i love you.


melia said...

oh mardi i definitley love you.

Kelsey said...

i love when people stalk me. mardi, we can for sure be friends.